County commissioners approve audit

The county’s audit was the biggest topic of discussion at the May 17 Randolph County Board of Commissioners meeting. On hand to discuss the audit with the commissioners was Steven Tripi of Schmersahl Treloar and Co.

Tripi noted that the county’s finances were “leaner and cleaner.” He added that from a cash perspective, the county operated at a break even point. He added that accounts payroll was down and accounts receivable was up some. The county’s biggest obligations were still dealing with Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) and pensions. “It’s pretty significant.”

In addition, Tripi pointed out that the county isn’t getting a lot of help from the state.

Commissioner David Holder stated that he was happy to hear that on a cash basis they were getting closer to even, adding that they are seeing the benefits of downsizing and their savings.

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