County commissioners address nuisance property near Sparta

A nuisance property and COVID-19 updates were the biggest topics of discussion at the June 26 Randolph County Board of Commissioners meeting.

Randolph County State’s Attorney Jeremy Walker presented the commissioners with a resolution finding a property as a nuisance. He noted that this particular property has been an ongoing issue, and he has been contacted by both neighboring residents and the county board about the matter.

The property in question is located outside of Sparta and owned by the Haberman sisters, Priscilla and Phyllis.

Walker stated that the Habermans had been cited for the condition of the property this past November and taken to court in February. There, they were told to clean up the property. “But it looks worse.”

The resolution notes that the home is a dangerous and unsafe property. Walker added that the home currently has no electricity or running water, and there was a high probability of it also not having a running sewer or septic system. Despite the unsafe conditions, the Habermans are still living there.

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