COSLHS held career day for students

CAREER DAY–A career day was recently held for students at Christ Our Savior Lutheran High School. Among the stops was KMOV’s studios in St. Louis. 

Christ Our Savior Lutheran High School works career education into its educational curriculum, as they strive to give students a well-rounded education that prepares them for for life beyond the doors of high school. Recently, COSLHS students spent a day exploring different types of careers that are available in the area.

First up, they visited the studios of KMOV in St. Louis. They were able to learn and try their hand at several jobs in broadcast journalism. From office support, camera and sound, working with a green screen, to being the newscaster on the shows. Students also saw the end of Great Day St. Louis and got to experience the set.

Next up was the Federal Reserve. Students took part in a program called “Inside Economy at the Federal Reserve,” which taught them not only how the local economy works, but the global economy. An exercise they participated in exposed them to buying and selling commodities in real time. Students worked at computers watching the fluctuation in market prices and had to make decisions about when was the right time to sell their product or when was a good time to buy. Everyone was excited to learn they were going to get to take home a bag of money at the end of the day, until they realized it was shredded.

For more on COSLHS’s career day, please see this week’s print edition.