Correlation between meth and crime noted

“It comes as no surprise to many that our region is experiencing a significant increase in crimes related to theft and burglary. What we have found is a direct correlation between the vast majority of this crime category and the local drug problem, specifically methamphetamine,” reads a recent press release from the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office.

Both Sheriff Shannon Wolff and Detective Ryan Coffey sat down with local media last week to further discuss the drug and crime correlation.

They noted that when there is a spike in drug usage, there tends to also be a spike in property crimes. It was noticed during the “opioid epidemic,” but as the use of heroin and other opioids dropped, so did property crimes. 

“And now meth is surging and there’s been more theft and burglaries,” Wolff stated.

Coffey added that since spring, the sheriff’s office has noticed “a big influx of property crimes, all with the same basic M.O.”

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