Commissioners review updated drug policy

NEW FARM BUREAU MANAGER–The Randolph County Commissioners welcomed Allyson Lintker as the new Randolph County Farm Bureau manager at their Jan. 10 meeting. Pictured at the board meeting are: County Clerk Melanie Johnson, Commissioner Marc Kiehna, Lintker, Commissioner David Holder and Circuit Clerk Sherry Johnson.

With only two of the county commissioners at their Jan. 10 meeting, the county board was presented with an ordinance to update the county’s policy for alcohol and drug use/abuse. 

Commissioner Marc Kiehna commented that they had asked State’s Attorney Jeremy Walker to look into amending the county’s drug policy to cover cannabis, as the state has legalized recreational use.

Walker explained that their updated policy came from their insurance company, Illinois Counties Risk Management Trust (ICRMT), and is very similar to the current policy. He added that the changes were limited to cannabis.

He stated that the county’s policy needs to be updated and covers no possession at the courthouse.

Specifically, the updated policy notes, “The possession, sale, purchase, use, distribution, delivery or transfer of alcohol, cannabis or an illegal drug or substance while on the County of Randolph’s premises, while on the County of Randolph’s time or while driving a vehicle owned, operated, rented, leased or under the control of the County of Randolph is expressly prohibited. This includes cannabis used for medical purposes in accordance with the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program Act. In addition, employees may not report to work, be on the County of Randolph’s premises or on County of Randolph time under the influence of alcohol or cannabis or with any traceable illegal drug or substance in their system.”

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