Commissioners pass gun rights resolution

Randolph County’s commissioners opted to send a message to state officials about how residents feel about the Second Amendment by approving a resolution at their March 9 board meeting.

Commissioner Ronnie White noted that last November, a total of 79 percent of Randolph County voters supported the county being a “gun sanctuary county” and opposes the passage of any unconstitutional gun laws in the state.

White added that this resolution supports the county residents’ feelings on that. In addition, the commissioners would be sending a letter to legislators letting them know that the county is opposed to any new restrictions on firearm ownership.

The letter notes that firearms are an important part of Randolph County, as many residents hunt, and use guns to protect their families and property. In addition, they point out that Randolph County is home to the World Shooting and Recreational Complex, which brings thousands of visitors and millions of dollars into Illinois each year.

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