Commissioners note delay in real estate taxes

While not on the meeting’s agenda, the real estate tax bills were a topic of discussion at the July 12 Randolph County Board of Commissioners meeting.

“There’s been lots of calls. They’re not ready yet, but we want to get them out as soon as possible,” noted Board Chairman David Holder.

He added that in talking with County Treasurer Justin Jeffers, the real estate tax bills were behind approximately 30-45 days. “We’re currently waiting on the state as they are reviewing some assessments.”

Holder estimated that it would be at least another two to three weeks before the tax bills could be sent out.

Commissioner Ronnie White added that the funds that are distributed to the taxing districts from the real estate taxes will also be delayed, as they will not be able to go out until after the taxes are collected.

From the highway department, County Engineer Mike Riebeling reported that the Baldwin Road project was almost complete.

He noted that while Riley Lake Road was still closed, he anticipated it being open within a few days. 

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