Commissioners asked to consider Illinois separation movement

A movement to separate Chicago from the rest of Illinois was discussed at the Nov. 1 Randolph County Board of Commissioners meeting.

The matter was not on the agenda for the meeting, but under the public comment section, Corey Proctor brought it to the commissioners’ attention.

Proctor stated that he is working with a statewide organization for the separation. Their goal is to get the matter on the ballot as a referendum. He claimed that so far they have a lot of support statewide.

So far, he reported they had four counties willing to put the question on the ballot – Effingham, Fayette, Marion and Jefferson. In addition, they have received enough petition signatures in three other counties to force the question onto the ballot – Cumberland, Edwards and Pope.

Proctor said that they are continuing to collect signatures and would like the commissioners to consider the question. According to his paperwork, in Randolph County they would need 970 signatures.

The group’s main reasoning behind the separation is that Chicago’s politics and agendas don’t match the rest of the state’s.

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