Clifftop project will improve the Fogelpole Cave area

Photo courtesy Badger Daylighting

SILT REMOVAL–Pictured is the main cave entrance to Fogelpole Cave after silt was removed in August 2018. 

Clifftop, this region’s all-volunteer conservation focused, not-for-profit organization, is in the process of completing a major project near the main entrance of Fogelpole Cave. 

The project will stop soil erosion into the cave mouth and improve airflow and water quality of the cave. Included in the scope of the project was the grading of terraces, basin building and the planting of wildlife friendly grasses on what was once heavily eroded slopes. 

Fogelpole Cave is the largest in Illinois and is part of the state’s only “subterranean nature preserve,” Paul Wightman Subterranean Nature Preserve (PWSNP). Many unique and rare species inhabit the cave and it plays a large role in the underground water quality in the region.

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