City wanting to know if there is interest in a community garden

Following Monday night’s Red Bud City Council meeting, the aldermen are wanting to gauge the interest of residents for a community garden.

On behalf of the Cultural Committee, Alderman Mike Reed presented a press release about starting a community garden.

Alderman Clem Esker wanted to know more information about the proposed garden, including who will keep it cleaned. There were also concerns about how it would be paid for.

“We don’t know what the cost would be, but if it is received well, we can get a better idea of funds,” noted Mayor Tim Lowry. He also added that other concerns would be addressed if there is enough community interest to move forward with the project.

Alderman Bill Hanebutt said that they just want to see if there is any interest first and then will discuss the matter further at their February committee meetings.

The council approved of moving forward with issuing the press release.

The release notes that the city is interested in sponsoring a community garden for this summer. Being considered for the garden location is the former tennis courts on Madison Street. By using this location, the garden would allow disabled persons to participate.

The proposed garden would have 20 raised beds, each three feet wide and eight feet long. Each participant or group would be given two of the raised beds, placed next to each other to create a three foot wide by 16 foot long bed.

For more from the City Council meeting, please see this week’s print edition.