City experienced water issues and boil order

Over the weekend and into early this week, City of Red Bud residents experienced some water issues.

On the city’s Facebook page, it was reported on Sunday that “low water tower levels resulted in unexpected pressure loss in various parts of town. The situation was very temporary and quickly remedied, but as a precaution the city has enacted a city wide boil order.” The boil order stayed in effect until just before 2 p.m. on Tuesday.

City Superintendent Josh Eckart told the North County Newsthat over the weekend there had been a problem at the water plant, which led to the water tower not filling accordingly, which then resulted in low pressure levels across town.

As the water pressure fell below EPA standards, a city wide boil order was issued as a precaution. The boil order could not be lifted until test samples could be processed. 

For more information on this week’s boil order as well as how to sign up to receive any future notifications from the City of Red Bud, please see this week’s print edition.