City council discusses condition of property and continuing litigation

Concerns about a property looking like a junkyard and pending litigation received the most discussion at Monday night’s Red Bud City Council meeting.

Ward 1 resident Gale Letcher addressed the council about the condition of the neighboring Midwest Auto Creations property, located on West Market Street.

“Living next to it is something else,” Letcher stated. He then commented on the amount of weeds and vehicles on the property, adding that he has contacted City Code Administrator Jeff Mueller about the matter many times. “It’s basically a junkyard.”

He went on to read the definition of a junkyard, which includes at least three or more inoperable vehicles. He added that the business takes older vehicles and uses parts from those to rebuild other vehicles, making the original vehicle inoperable.

Letcher also pointed out that the conditions of the property have led to an increase in mice in the neighborhood. There has even been a large snake spotted in the area.

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