Check your utility bills – there may be an error

BILLING ERROR–This month, a large portion of City of Red Bud utility bills had an error where the power adjustment was incorrectly calculated. Those affected will show a total amount of $0.04 on the PA line of their bill (highlighted in this picture with the red box).

Many Red Bud utility customers may have been excited to see that their bill was lower this month, unfortunately this was due to a computer error.

Red Bud Superintendent Josh Eckart noted in a press release, “The City of Red Bud would like to give notice to all utility customers that a problem was discovered with the utility billing after all of the bills were mailed out. A computer error caused the power adjustment to be incorrectly calculated for several customers.”

When looking at the utility bills, the power adjustment line is marked with PA. The billing error only applies to customers that were charged a power adjustment cost of $0.04. 

Eckart told the North County Newsthat a total of 1,652 utility customers have been affected by this error. This means that more than half of the city’s utility accounts were affected.

For more information, please see this week’s print edition.