Businesses comment on closures

CLOSED FOR NOW–While area parks remain open for residents to walk through, the area playgrounds have been closed for use due to being a way to possibly transmit COVID-19.

With the governor’s executive order last Friday shutting down any non-essential businesses, the North County Newsreached out to few of those businesses that have been forced to temporarily close, as well as some that were labeled essential but opted to close, and another that has drastically changed how they operate.

All have noted how the situation is upsetting and the future may be uncertain, but there is still a strong amount of support from the local community.

“As a business owner, you are scared,” noted Winetique owner and Red Bud Chamber of Commerce President Twyla Schlute. “You don’t know if when this is all over, if you will even be able to open your business. When there is no business, there is no income. Unfortunately the bills don’t stop coming and I know they say there are loans that as a small business you can get, but you still have to pay them back. But I really don’t want to have any more payments added to what I all ready pay. 

“The other part that I am seeing is the fact that getting product may be a hard thing to do. A lot is made in China, which is slowing down shipments. I’m also dealing with some brides that have weddings scheduled in May and they are not for sure they will be able to be married. It’s sad for them. 

“As the chamber president, it makes me proud of our small town to see how everyone has pulled together to help out those that are able to stay open. I know in my heart that after this is cleared and over, we will come out stronger than before. I have faith in our community that they will support all of us even more than before. #redbudstrong”

For more from area businesses, please see this week’s print edition.